Visual Thanks

Mondays are for gratitude…counting to 1000 and beyond…


256.  A lovely almost-full moon shining in my window.


257.  Fabric and thread picked out by my little friend Jane  for me to make her a skirt.


258.  Fun twisty vine stitch in yummy pink.


259.  Finished…and for the smile on Jane’s face that could light a small city when I gave it to her after church. She promptly put it on and ran around the sanctuary.


260.  For the Liturgy of the Hours, a practice of daily prayer I go to when I am at a loss for how to begin or want to feel part of a greater rhythm of corporate prayer.  Even the simple ribbons marking the days remind me that all time is God’s.


261.  A Black-headed Grosbeak who frequently feasts at my feeder.


262.  For the artful brush of yellow just at the head of the wing.


263.  For the fountain pen my Mutti gave me, and a to-do list with a few more things crossed off.  And for my friend Terese, who also appreciates the importance of a good writing instrument.


267.  For the continued challenge of Proverbs 31 as I reflect on my life as a Christian woman.

holy experience

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  • -t-

    Stopped by from Ann’s.
    Fabulous photos. Thank you for sharing your gratitude today. #262, that artful brush of yellow… His glory is found in every detail.

  • Amy

    Stopping by from the Gratitude community. I would love to hear more about the book the Liturgy of Hours. I am trying to refocus my prayer life and I am intrigued by the book. I love your pictures, too.

  • this is gorgeous. such an eloquent post and beautiful photographs. and i love that yellow on the bird, the art of fine pens, and pretty much everything on this list! gorgeous!

  • I just dropping by from the Gratitude Community. Enjoyed reading and looking at your photos. Especially the marked off list. Thanks for sharing.

  • susan

    Thank you for visiting Karen!

  • susan

    Thank you Misty!

  • susan

    Amy, thank you for stopping by. I will email you with some info about the Liturgy of the Hours and also do a blog post about it. Blessings to you!