Rhythms of Grace

As we begin a new school year at UDTS, I made a short video exploring rhythms of grace for our incoming students: holistic ways to think about our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits, in the midst of the busyness of life. This is first video I’ve made, with the lovely Sinsinawa Dominican Convent as the backdrop. While it is addressed to our incoming cohort, I believe there is much that can speak to people in different contexts.  May it provide a moment of retreat and encouragement in your week!

(Before playing, I invite you to pause the Music for Dreaming in the right column >>)

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  • This looks like it took a lot of love and effort to produce.

    What a wonderful gift to incoming students! From a mesmerizing opening in the labyrinth, to the funny visual of you studying in the midst of a messy living room, to encouraging the students to sleep well and eat healthily and breathe!

    That living room scene really makes me think. I always think that I have to create order before I can go deep. And of course, that is not true!

    I love how at the end, you can hear birds talking.

  • contemplativecottage

    Thank you for watching it Andrea! It was a joy to create–definitely learned some things to do differently next time, but I was still pleased with the result (I didn’t hear the birds as I was filming, so got to enjoy them after the fact!). So true, finding space for going deep in the midst of the mess and chaos is challenging. Even the making of this video required making creative space, having just moved to the new house three days before–but it ended the week on such a joyful note! Grace and peace to you!

  • Evelyn Jackson

    I’ve walked the labyrinth at Sinsinawa several times; it was lovely to walk it again with you and be in the beautiful space of that place! I’ve been reading a lot of Esther de Waal lately. The labyrinth path makes me think of a Celtic prayer she shares…”Bless to me, O God, the earth beneath my foot; Bless to me, O God, the path whereon I go.” I’m not a divinity student (in fact, I haven’t been a student for decades!) but your advice and words seem to be good lessons for anyone’s spiritual life. Thanks for sharing!

  • susan

    Evelyn, I’m so glad you’ve experienced Sinsinawa. Thank you for visiting the contemplative cottage!