Dream Big


What is one humanly impossible thing that you desire to ask God to do through you and/or your community this year?

I like this question  because it gets the focus off me and onto what God is already doing;

it asks for me to imagine what I hope for, not necessarily what I can control or bring about with my own strength;

it suggests that my weaknesses may be an avenue through which God could work;

it makes prayer necessary, rather than optional;

and it invites me consider how open I am to partnering with God to see the hope realized, and what would help me to become more open.

Desire is important in answering this question–What is on my heart? What would thrill me to see happen?

As I reflect on this question, I know that changes are coming for me and I will be sharing more as the path becomes clearer.

But to you, I ask:

What would give you great joy to see God do through you, which you know without a doubt you could not do on your own?

I’d love to hear about your hope for 2010.¬† Dream big.

(question adapted from Ten Questions for the New Year)