Cup Overflowing

Mondays are for gratitude…counting to 1000 and beyond…

154. My dissertation proposal, The Role of Prayer in Academic Theological Education, was approved.  After 5 years, I am finally at the stage where I’m free to go anywhere (almost) and write.  Hopefully, I will graduate next May.


155. And the decision is…Seattle.  After months of wrestling and taking steps forward to move to Texas (where my parents live), I decided that the place for intensive writing is with my church and community of 17 years, where I will have more freedom to get around, be near close friends who will pull me out of my writing cave, and where I will not melt in desert heat.  It was a very hard decision, one I am thankful to have finally made.


156.  A lovely day in Salem with friends.


157.  A new tree for my collection.

158. A delicious Easter brunch with friends.


159.  Spring has come to Boston.

160. Continued gratitude for healing of migraines, insomnia, and a majority of my anxiety.  Who would have thought they were all connected.  It feels like a new life.

mary tells the disciples

161. Mary Magdalene, the first person who brought news of Christ’s resurrection.


162. Resurrection before my eyes.  I came home and found my tulips drooping over their vase and gave them water.  Within an hour, they perked up again.  Grateful for living water when I am like a thirsty plant.


162. A quiet morning, listening to the birds greet Easter Monday.

holy experience