Date with a Fox

Mondays are for gratitude…counting to 1000 and beyond.


My days have been filled with the future as I prepare to leave my job of 4 years and the Boston-area after 5 years to return to my community in Seattle.

In this in-between time, I’ve found my emotions so conflicted–overjoyed to go home, but sad to leave.

The other evening I took a walk to my favorite rock in a nearby cemetery and just sat in the woodsy quiet, breathing.  I felt like my past memories and future anticipation started to come to rest in the present moment.  After the sun dipped down and I started home,  I walked along the edge the hill, looking for a new cross-forest short-cut, and came face to face (well, 10 feet or so) with a little she-fox.


Camera-less at the time, I spent a few moments with my new friend, talking to her as she decided whether to scamper back into the den, or learn more about this curious two-footed creature making soft-sounds (the psss-psss and pshsh-pshsh I make to cats).  The little one finally disappeared into her home and I left for mine.

The other night I went back with my camera, fully expecting to wait for hours on a rock, for the little one to appear. But no, there she was and ready to pose for photos.


I spent an hour snapping pictures, fully present, fully engaged, the past and the future quietly taking second place to the little creature in front of me.  When I finally got up to leave, I felt rested and ready to go back to packing and good-byes.


163. Thankful for a four-footed reminder to live and enjoy the present.

164. For the wonderful group of friends, colleagues, and co-workers I have so enjoyed these past years.

165. Dear friends and a place to go home to.

166. The ability to take this concentrated time to study.

167. My camera and the attention and patience the practice of photography is teaching me and,

168. For the friend who inspired me and got me started.

holy experience