Language as Sacrament


For all the limits of language and all the ways it can be misunderstood, misinterpreted, and abused, Pentecost is a celebration of more than the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit communicating the Good News through human language.  Even in the midst of the wind and flame, the behavior of the disciples was misinterpreted as drunkenness, but then the words began to sink in and people everywhere heard Gospel love in the language of  home–the cadences and rhythms that conveyed more than knowledge but familiarity and welcome.

Today celebrates when human speech, empowered by the Holy Spirit, becomes a sacrament of windy, fiery divine presence and empowerment.  Today calls everyone to speak the Good News of God’s love in ways that are understood by both mind and heart…

Pentecost calls us and enlivens us to speak with words that embrace each other with the welcome of home.