Full of Thanks

Mondays are for gratitude…counting to 1000 and beyond…



163. Seeing dear friends graduate at Boston University.




164. A fun day with Shelly at Georges Island.


165. The thrill of a plane flying over our ferry, just seconds from landing.



166. A walk along the esplanade, looking for the little ones.


167. The beauty of a heron in flight.

168. A day of flying from Boston to Seattle–a lovely trip.  On a packed flight, I happened to be the only person next to an open window seat, so I got to move and feast on the view.

169. I continue to marvel at how, for many years, fear prevented me from flying or made flying traumatic . So thankful to no longer be imprisoned by fear.

170. A fun week with dear friends. Tea and toast and great conversation each morning, then….



171.  Moved to a temporary place, until I can find a contemplative cottage.  The view is a once-in-a-life-time blessing.  I found myself praying for the city and its people as I looked at the beautiful skyline.

172. Woke up feeling knots beginning to untie which haven’t been loose and relaxed for 5 years.

173.  A hummingbird doing aerial acrobatics in the garden. (I’ll try to take a photo if it comes back–it moved so fast!)  Hummingbirds often show up when I need a sign of confirmation–they are God’s YES to me.  This hummingbird showed up as I was praying for the city.

174.  Being back at my church of 17 years.

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