Esperanza Mission Week

Esperanza Mission Trip


This past week, I’ve been in Esperanza, BC, with 1o people from my church working on whatever projects needed doing. The little cluster of houses is on a salt-water inlet, deep in a remote region of Vancouver Island. The staff provide community, support, counseling and love for families in crisis.




Work on the house included building a back porch, siding, putting kitchen cabinets together, staining siding, and smoothing floors.   Tuesday evening ended with a camp fire where we sang praise songs and heard from the staff about the work of Esperanza.


Wednesday and Thursday, the construction projects continued, along with weed whacking, gardening, and time with the 6-week old grand-daughter of Nancy, one of Esperanza’s staff members.  I enjoyed working in the kitchen for dinner–helping to prepare the salmon, prawns and halibut that were caught on one of the fishing trips.  A single halibut weighed 85 lbs!




One of the volunteers from New Life Church in Abbotsford, Greg, injured his hand on a saw while laying wood flooring and was taken to the hospital for surgery Wednesday.  He returned to Esperanza on Friday to spend the next few weeks recuperating.  Thankfully, his hand will be okay.


It was not all work.  The team got to take  sight-seeing boat trips to the ocean–seeing sea otters, sea lions, and eagles.



Friday, as the temperature rose, jumping off the dock became a favorite activity of both kids and adults!


Through-out the week, we enjoyed getting to know the other teams working–from Elim Baptist Church in Wallingford, and Parkland Church in Surrey.

The journey home began at 7am Saturday–by boat, road, and ferry–until we arrived back in Seattle around 6pm.

If you’d like to see more photos from the week, you can find them here.



The Bethany team!!

The staff at Esperanza

Jesus’ love lived out among and with the coastal peoples

Delicious food (thank you Randi, Paula and Anna)

God’s creation

A starry night without any light pollution, lying on the dock watching the Perseid meteors and the Milky Way rising.

Wonderful sunny weather

That Greg’s injury was repairable

Seeing how much got done in 5 days

Bug spray and cortaid

The kids’ laughter as they leapt from the dock

Ocean waves

Sweet evening light for photos

New friends

holy experience