Friday Florilegium


“Eternal life is less about a kind of time that starts when we die, and more about a quality and vitality of life lived now in connection to God…it’s about experiencing the kind of life now that can endure and survive even death….

Jesus talked about a reality he called the kingdom of God. He described an all-pervasive dimension of being, a bit like oxygen for us or water for a fish, that he insisted was here, at hand, now, among us, and upon us.  He spoke with God as if God was right here, he healed with power that he claimed was readily accessible all the time, and he taught his disciples that would do even greater things than what they saw him doing. He spoke of oneness with God, the God who is so intimately conenected with life in this world that every hair on your head is known. Jesus lived and spoke as if the whole world was a thin place for him, with endless dimensions of the divine infinitesimally close, with every moment and every location simply another experience of the divine reality that is all around us, through us, under and above us, all the time.”

–Rob Bell, Love Wins

Friday Florilegium 1