{Day 8} Praying Photos

Flickr 10-8-2011

This afternoon, I got to spend a few hours watching a gaggle of children play Perseus. The pinata for Jack’s birthday was the snake-full head of Medusa and each child got to swing the sword while looking at the reflection in the shield. It brought back memories of that wonderfully campy 1981 Clash of the Titans–I still remember the moment when Perseus defeats the Gorgon.

Whether you consider yourself a photographer or not, taking pictures is a great way to step into the present moment.

Paying attention to light and shadows, watching for that one special smile or expression, seeing little things that often go unnoticed and making them center stage, all of these can be forms of contemplative attention.

Since contemplative attention is a way of paying attention to and with God’s presence, photography can be a way of prayer.

Practice: Get your camera and ask the Holy Spirit to direct your focus of both of eye and heart today.

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