This year, I’m trying a radical (for me) practice: not journaling. After 26 years and thousands of pages, it felt like time to invest that writing energy into my dissertation, blog, and other projects, as well as to take time to go back through the journals to see if there were seed ideas I could develop. I will be occasionally posting excerpts, such as the one below.

From July 23, 2002:

I used to want to be a saint and now I say–

I’ll do what I can in the life I’ve been given, no more, and with no grandiose goal.

Knowing when to say ‘enough’ and rest is more important than spiritual olympics.

God sits with me now and points out the many different colors of green in the trees and that is enough.

Just being present to where I am is enough.

Just to hear the cry of the loon is enough.