Advent for the Dancing God

(Sieger Köder, Tomb)

God is dancing still.  Why, I do not know:
wild rains are blowing, and the night is deep;
wind shatters all our human hopes; we weep
for what was lost yet never was let go.

How he is whirling in the wind and rain,
still terrible and passionate and dear;
one step too far away, one breath too near,
we fear lest he might never come again.

God is dancing still, though we build a wall
and make some little bricks and hold our hands
against the rain: God’s ruthless love demands
not half our room nor half our door but all.

O in the darkness of a night gone out
come find me once again, descend, be born,
be racked by wind and crucified and torn
yet never stop the dance.  How could I doubt

Your peace more frightening than any pain,
your dark embrace that burns and purifies,
the searching sharp enchantment of your eyes,
the absolute perfection of your flame?

God of all wind, all dance, all fire, all grace,
heal what I cannot hold, receive my prayer
and give me strength, surrendering, to bear
the dark and dancing splendor of your face.

                 -Jennifer L. Woodruff