Friday Florilegium

God has an especial tenderness of love towards thee for that thou art in the dark and hast no light, and His heart is glad when thou dost arise and say, “I will go to my Father.”

For He sees thee through all the gloom through which thou canst not see Him. Say to Him, “My God, I am very dull and low and hard; but Thou art wise and high and tender, and Thou art my God. I am Thy child. Forsake me not.”

Then fold the arms of thy faith, and wait in quietness until light goes up in the darkness.

Fold the arms of thy Faith, I say, but not of thy Action: bethink thee of something that thou oughtest to do, and go and do it, if it be but the sweeping of a room, or the preparing of a meal, or a visit to a friend; heed not thy feelings: do thy work.

–George MacDonald

Photo from St Enda’s School, Inishmore, Aran Islands. The monastic village of St Enda began in the 5th century. St Enda would never know that his labor would spread the Gospel in the Celtic and British lands through those trained at his monastery. Do thy work, and God will bless it beyond your life.