Every Thursday, Thanksgiving

Counting thanks to 1000 and beyond…

750. Answered prayer for a lovely, quiet, and affordable living situation.
751. Crossed the 120 pages mark on my dissertation, and wrote 4o pages in the past three weeks. (And Kimberlee, Lori, and Jane, praying for me and calling me to get me writing!)
752. Just stopping by to say hi to a friend. (I love living so close now!)
753. Drawing trees with Jane.
754. Watching a young person hear (and enjoy) Gregorian Chant for the first time.
755. Grace and forgiveness.

756. An answer to prayer: More house-cleaning and house-sitting work.
757. A wonderful Sunday worship ensemble.
758. The mossy hanging softness of a bush tit’s nest.
759. Metro 15 bus route. Takes me everywhere I need to go.
760. The Q-Cafe and hours of productive work there.

What are you thankful for? Join Kimberlee and I as we give thanks on Thursdays together.