Every Thursday, Thanksgiving

Counting thanks to 1000 and beyond…

784. Meerkats at the Woodland Park Zoo. I love this one, surveying her domain!

785. Visiting with my friend Heidi and her daughters in a Kenyan hut (at the Zoo!)

786. Hydrangea  blue and pink glory.

787. A reorganized prayer room. The great things about this room are it’s comfy couch and peaceful silence. So grateful for my friend Julie, who took me to Ikea for lamps and candles!

788. Jack’s amazing creativity and detail: a set of miniature weapons. The sword even has a sheath made from the hollow quill of a feather.

789. Candles and icons encouraging me as I work on my dissertation.

789. Pink amazingness!

790. A blueberry picking adventure.

791. While Kimberlee and the kiddos picked berries, I read about the medieval approach to reading: lectio divina. In between words, I saw a hummingbird, a noisy hawk, and lots of young bespeckled robins. The air was scented with eau d’fresh-cut-grass.

792. But the highlight, of which I have no photo, was 2 year old Ben, full of joy as he fed the  goats at the farm. A wonderful day!

What are you thankful for this week? Might you share with us 1 or 2 gratitudes in the comments so we can rejoice with you?

Join Kimberlee and I as we give thanks together.

And the inspiration for counting gratitudes: