Every Thursday, Thanksgiving


Counting thanks to 1000 and beyond…

803. Pike Place and The Flying Fish

804. Yummy and colorful salad

805. The thoughtful discussion and prayerfulness of Session meetings.

806. An amazing stack of books for this chapter’s research. (And I need to say a little more about this…I’m excited and incredibly grateful to be pondering these books about reading and prayer, so grateful that I can say, it’s all been worth it.)

807. Lunch outside in the sunshine

808. Unexpected, serendipitous meetings

809. Listening to the birds coo and chatter as they bedded down for the night…and then, silence.

810. Pastries at Honoré

811. Giggles and swinging

812. Crushing on the Tiny House movement and the Tumbleweed Fencl design. (And this is on wheels and easily towed!)

812. Dinner with friends and hearing about the adventure of living mobile and minimalist.

What are you thankful for this week? Might you share with us 1 or 2 gratitudes in the comments so we can rejoice with you?

Join Kimberlee and I as we give thanks together.

And the inspiration for counting gratitudes: